Tuesday, September 6, 2016

NYCOA Judge Abdus-Salaam: Opinion Patterns [presentations]

Here are two mini-presentations prepared by students in the Court of Appeals Intensive Seminar. One looks at voting patterns in Judge Abdus-Salaam's majority opinions, and the other in her dissents.
It should be noted that, in a decision last week, In Re Brooke S.B., Judge Abdus-Salaam authored a magnificent opinion for the Court on the rights of de facto parents, vindicating a similarly magnificent dissent by then-Judge Judith Kaye in Alison D. (1991), and explicitly overruling that decision which was rendered in one of those shamefully superficial unsigned majority opinions.

Stacy Mazzara

To view Stacy Mazzara's mini-presentation on Judge Abdus-Salaam's majority opinions, click HERE.


Sarah Baker

To view Sarah Baker's mini-presentation on Judge Abdus-Salaam's dissenting opinions, click HERE.