Monday, February 13, 2012

Silence of the Justices (Or Lack Thereof) [slide presentation]

By Richard Caister

Richard Caister, a third-year law student at Albany Law School, is originally from Clinton, NY. He is a graduate of Union College, having majored in Philosophy and Classics. He completed a legal internship with the Herkimer County Supreme Court, and is currently interning with the Committee on Open Government.
His slide presentation on the frequency--or lack thereof--with which the Justices ask questions at oral arguments was prepared for the Judicial Process Seminar, Fall 2011. His related paper on Justice Thomas, specifically Thomas's silence and dissents, was prepared for the same course and is accessible below.

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To view the complete slide presentation, open HERE.
(It is then best to download the presentation and view it from there.)
To read the related paper on Justice Thomas, open HERE.